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How to overcome perfectionism

Is your child excessively self-critical, afraid of doing a task ‘wrong’ or prone to taking a while to bounce back from disappointment? They could be struggling with perfectionism. Jan Robinson speaks regularly to students


SF3 Kids Film Festival

We are pleased to announce that Poppy White, Emily Burrows, Jaya Flancbaum, and Tahlia Griffith have been selected as finalists in the SF3 Kids Film Festival. In Term 1 our Year 8 students had


Thrifty duo make tech splash

St Clare’s College Waverley students Suki Waddel and Olivia Zammit are set to take the world of fast fashion head on after their app, Thriftr, was named a finalist in the 2021 Techgirls Competition.


Year 7 Science – Full of Energy

Year 7.1 are currently doing energy transfers, specifically types of heat transfer. There are 3 types of energy transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is heat transfer through particle collision where the energy is


Documentary unearths ANZAC history

St Clare’s College Waverley students have launched a new Fromelles documentary honouring soldiers whose remains were found in an unmarked mass grave at Pheasant Wood, France. The Lost Diggers of Fromelles is based on video