St Clare’s College has a range of innovative and flexible facilities that caters to the needs of our students in a 21st century context. Our facilities promote reflective and collaborative learning which is delivered through a variety of teaching styles. 

The Chapel of our Lady of the Angels

Built in 1917 the Chapel is a heritage-listed building that has special significance for the Poor Clare Community and broader local community. The chapel provides staff and students with a space for group and private reflection. Our college chaplain, Fr Bernie Thomas ofm, celebrates the Eucharist in the Chapel with us each week.  

St Clare's College Waverley

The Hub

The Hub is the central focus for learning at St Clare’s. It is a vibrant, technologically rich learning environment which allows students the flexibility to take control of their own learning and explore endless possibilities. As a centre of innovation and excellence, The Hub supports St Clare’s future-focused learning agenda. Students are supported to develop their information literacy skills as well as learning how to integrate skills of finding, managing, critically evaluating, and ethically applying the information to their research.


Our classrooms are contemporary flexible learning spaces that support our future-focused pedagogy and support a variety of learning styles. We have a range of different classroom configurations that support both collaborative and individualized learning as well as team-teaching.

Hospitality Kitchens

Our hospitality space is a commercial kitchen, set up to mirror industry standards and support the delivery of the Hospitality Kitchen Operations course. This space offers students the opportunity to experiment with a range of methods of cookery and prepare food to meet industry realistic timeframes and trends. We also use this kitchen to cater for a range of functions hosted by the college. 

Design and Technology

Our Technology rooms cater for a variety of student interests for classes from years 7-12. The rooms are flexible and multipurpose catering for a variety of classes including Design and Technology, Textiles and Design.   

St Clare's College Waverley


Our recently renovated music wing contains three tuition rooms, a recording studio, keyboard lab and large classroom that enables individuals and ensembles to perform for both music classes and co-curricular activities. 

Drama Studio

Our drama studio offers a flexible performance space for students to work independently and collaboratively. Students are able to creatively express and connect with their audiences. 

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts classrooms are large spaces that support all forms of artmaking. We have two classrooms, a visual design mezzanine with iMacs as well as a Year 12 studio for the development of their bodies of work. 

Science Labs

Within our state-of-the-art science laboratories students conduct experiments and explore science enabling them to gain a deep understanding.