The Hub is a hive of activity. We have various activities:

Book Club: Meets fortnightly. This club encourages members to exchange ideas and express thoughts and opinions on interesting themes of ANY piece of literature. The goal is to promote a love of literature and an opportunity to connect with others socially and have fun. 

Games Friday: Held at lunchtime, is another initiative where students build connections with each other across all year levels. We have a variety of board and card games available. This time is not only fun but the girls work on many interpersonal and strategic skills: 

  • working together to create a problem-solving strategy
  • Identifying emerging mathematical patterns
  • Reflecting on the failure of a strategy
  • Following and interpreting rules and instructions in a variety of situations.
Digital Library

Coaching Sessions/Masterclasses (Seniors)/Workshops: At various times of the year we offer coaching sessions to Year 12s on their various HSC subjects where previous students offer their tips and advice to current Year 12s. The masterclasses are run by teachers offering further guidance on various aspects of their courses. Students from all year groups visit the Hub with their classes for various workshops in preparation for various projects/assessments focused on guided inquiry and academic skills in general.

Study Hub: The Hub has extended hours for all year groups twice a week where students can stay back to complete work or seek guidance. Student volunteers also assist younger students in this time.

The Hub is the ultimate learning (technologically-rich) environment that continually provides students with both formal and informal opportunities.  Students are guided through information literacy, learning how to integrate skills of finding, managing, critically evaluating, and ethically applying the information to their research.

Our library provides a social space to meet, collaborate, research, learn, share, and relax. The staff work to develop a reading culture and raise the levels of information literacy across the school by leading students through processes which empower them to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers and skillful, efficient and discerning researchers.

The Oliver library management system, together with the ACEN digital library provide 24/7 access to a wealth of authentic, authoritative, age appropriate resources to specifically meet student and staff needs.