Providing a range of co-curricular opportunities is important to us because we value each child’s individual skills and interests, and we want to give every opportunity for students to grow and further their potential.

St Clare's College Waverley Performing Arts

Performing Arts

St Clare’s College offers a varied performing arts program, performing arts helps students strengthen and expand their imagination and helps them develop skills in the areas of drama and music.


The music program at St Clare’s College is extensive and students have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of optional music activities. We encourage students to join our ensembles which include college choir, acapella group, chamber choir, college band, string ensemble and rock group. Our girls can also be members of the Waverley College ensembles which range from concert band to guitar ensemble and jazz band. 

Private Music Tuition

We offer private music lessons which are held on a weekly basis with outside music specialist teachers in singing, piano, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone,  trumpet, guitar, violin, cello, bass guitar, drum kit, trombone, baritone horn, euphonium and tuba. We also have a college band, concert band as well as string and guitar ensembles.

St Clare's College Waverley Co-curricular Drama


There are excellent opportunities for students to be involved in large school productions, these activities are an essential part of a student’s education and help them develop 21st Century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking. Our musical highlight is the joint musical which is produced with Waverley College every second year. Recent musicals have included ‘High School Musical’, ‘Grease’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Shout’.

St Clare's College Waverley

Mock Trial

The skills of logical thinking, arguing a case, developing teamwork and public speaking acquired as a member of the Mock Trial team are transferable to many of the activities these students undertake in the future. In each round of this competition, students assume the roles of barristers, solicitors, witnesses or court officials. The talent and versatility of the students means they are able to assume different roles in the various trials. During the three rounds of the competition, the teams act as either the prosecution or defence in rostered trials against other schools.

St Clare's College Waverley Co-curricular Mock Trial

Debating and Public Speaking

Students from all year groups are able to participate in the Catholic Schools Debating Association (CSDA) and Public Speaking Competition. Over 80 schools compete in this competition giving the students skills in critical and creative thinking.

St Clare's College Waverley Sport water-polo


Sport at St Clare’s College is considered an important part of our school life and we offer a range of representative sport and recreational activities. Sport at a representative or recreational level improves academic performance and motivates students.

St Clare's College Waverley Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Ed

Students from St Clare’s College are encouraged to participate in the Duke of Ed Award journey. An internationally recognised qualification, the Award requires students to dedicate themselves to four different sections. These are Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and the Adventurous Journey. Students must complete these commitments in their own time and keep track of their progress. The students develop a sense of independence as they seek to organise opportunities and assessors.